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José Rios leads a session at Vantage’s onsite training facility. The classroom makes it easy for customers to learn about the Vantage companies’ products.

Vantage Elevator Solutions opened its first regional service center, a Miami-area facility serving the Southeast U.S., in June 2018. The company deemed this dedicated service location a success and has since replicated it in locations around the U.S. and Canada.

Cuadro de texto: BaltzegarThe Vantage Southeast Regional Service Center occupies an unassuming building on a tree-lined avenue in a Miami Gardens business park. With its location just off the Interstate 95 Expressway, it’s a convenient stop-off point for customers and suppliers across Greater Miami, as well as the rest of Florida and neighboring states. This is home base for GAL Regional Vice President Daniel Baltzegar, Field Support Engineer

José Rios, Customer Service Representative David Tejera and their crew of warehouse and logistics specialists. Discussing the thinking behind the move to open regional service centers, Baltzegar said:

“When we first set up this branch, we knew it would be a welcome addition to the support system for our customers in the South. But, we also expected to see some of the ‘teething’ problems that usually come with doing something for the first time. We’d never offered a central outlet for the whole suite of Vantage products before, so it was an all-new experience for us. But, once we were up and running, we kept finding new ways to improve the services we offer here. This meant that we could offer tips and insights to the other regions as they looked to set up their own service centers.”

The strategy for launching regional service centers across North America was to help customers benefit from one-stop access to all Vantage solutions and products. Now, rather than receiving spare parts from different vendors in different locations, customers have the option to get the items they need with shorter lead times and more personalized service. But, there is more to it than that, continued Baltzegar:

“It’s not just about convenience. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about our customers and understand their local requirements better. We get to hear direct feedback on our products and services, we can resolve issues more quickly, and we can provide tailored training sessions. This is a great channel for us to meet our customer base and serve their needs.”

Today, just over a year after launching the office in Miami, Vantage has replicated the model in four other regions: the West (Los Angeles), Midwest (Chicago), Canada (Toronto) and Northeast (New York). These all serve as outlets for Vantage products, as well as local resources for sales, education, engineering and support.

Like other regional branches, the Miami-area service center boasts a large warehouse, a showroom displaying equipment from the entire Vantage family and an onsite training area for contractors and consultants. It has quickly become a hub for the regional work being done by all the Vantage companies: GAL, Hollister-Whitney, Courion, Elevator Controls and Bore-Max. The facility’s large physical footprint means the Southeast regional team can easily accommodate several delivery trucks and visitors simultaneously. With a growing clientele, the Vantage Southeast Regional Service Center is well-positioned for the future, Baltzegar said, noting:

“Vantage will continue to invest in these regional hubs, and we’ll keep seeing improvements to the range and services we offer here in the South. We have an excellent team of people with a strong customer focus, and we invite our customers to share their experiences with us so we can continue to grow and improve.”

The Vantage Southeast Regional Office is located at 15825 Northwest 15th Avenue, Miami Gardens, Florida. Baltzegar can be reached at (305) 203-3775.

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