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Arcube is EN 81-20 compliant.

Lubricator, access system and control unit launched.

Escalator Lubrication by the Jug

Castrol’s new 5-l LubeCon escalator lubrication system was designed for the tight confines of most escalators and can be mounted in the pit, machine room, balustrade or even remotely to provide necessary lubrication without having to take the escalator out of service. The recent installation pictured was on an outdoor escalator at an outdoor mall/entertainment hub.


Elevator Access Solution

Security manufacturer Openpath has launched its Elevator Board, designed to connect commercial spaces under a single, streamlined and secure mobile access system. The company says it will help provide channel partners, property managers and tenants with more comprehensive and convenient office security systems. Used by tenants, the proprietary “Triple Unlock” technology utilizes WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE to ensure the system remains online reliably. When adding the product to the Openpath product suite, a single credential (smartphone) can be used to access an office’s parking garage, building entrance, elevator and office door.

Other features include:

  • A smaller form factor with easy installation
  • Removable connector blocks for easy wiring
  • USB ports for streamlined product updates
  • Touch access for handsfree, keyless entry
  • More efficient performance with customizable user permissions and the ability to place elevators on a schedule
  • Support for up to 16 floors and two Openpath Smart Readers


Monoblock Elevator Control Unit Launched

Arkel Elektrik of Turkey has sold its integrated control unit, Arcode, since 2013. Known for combining the main controller board; variable-voltage, variable-frequency (VVVF) AC drive; and automatic rescue device (ARD) in a single package, it was a catalyst for the company’s growth. The company’s new monoblock elevator control unit Arcube combines a VVVF drive unit, control board, ARD logic and all other panel elements as a single unit.

Monoblock technology’s design helps overcome the inherent limitations of conventional elevator control panel systems. It is smaller than a briefcase (422 mm high X 537 mm wide X 200 mm deep), only 20.2 kg and prewired. Made on a robotic assembly line for reliability, it also eliminates the motor contactor for noiseless machine-room-less installation.

With a goal to lighten and minimize the panels used for lifts, Arkel offers the Arcube in 4, 5.5, 7.5 and 11 kW motor power models. Other features include:

  • Ability to work up to 16 floors, 1.75 mps and with two lifts in group operation
  • Car positioning with or without motor encoder, providing accurate floor leveling irrespective of load and direction
  • Evacuation operation to the nearest floor in case of power failure; customer just needs to connect an uninterruptible power supply to it.
  • Only 17 wires for traveling cable
  • Automatic tuning of a geared or gearless machine from any make with no need to remove ropes.
  • Connection with an overload device using the pretorque function
  • Software update by Secure Digital card
  • Built-in floor-announcement and music systems
  • Serial or parallel car or shaft installation options
  • Synchronous and asynchronous machine support


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