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It would be easy to dismiss cabs and doors as just the “pretty” side of the elevator business; however, the way the cab looks and the way the doors work says everything about the building in which the elevator works. The way it looks may be your only chance to make an impression on passengers (and the next architect with whom you work), and the way the doors work can mean just a few seconds between safe travels and disaster. Cabs and Doors are our focus this month:

  • Geometry and Light by Kaija Wilkinson articulates how NYC’s United Cabs Inc. leads a team of players from New York/New Jersey, Florida and California to deliver the trio of cabs for elevators in the luxury NYC apartment building, Summit.
  • Quality by Design is a look at the Canton Elevator subsidiary Canton Architectural Products. The parent company is 73 years old, but the subsidiary, only 15.
  • Time for Quicker Shipment by Ralph M. Newman looks at Columbia Elevator Products Co. Inc.’s new InstaCab, which allows cabs to be used in the construction phase with décor added at the very end of the process, saving significant time.
  • Control and Safety (With a Twist of the Wrist) by Dr. Lee Gray: Our historian follows the inventions of Horatio C. Randall, who patented a whole series of elevator door controllers in the early 1900s.
  • On the more technical side, we have Fire Homologations by Samuel Lopez: This article was presented at the International Elevator & Escalator Symposium in Istanbul.

It provides a close look at fire resistance for lift landing doors as part of safety requirements in European Commission Directive 95/16/EC.

We have a special section this month to accompany the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) Convention and Exposition. In Good Times Brewing, we help NAEC celebrate its 70th year in Grand Rapids, Michigan (also known as “Beer City”). The section includes host city information, a list of exhibitors and an exhibit hall map. Other events we report on this month include:

  • Capital Gains by Matt Irvin reports on the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association meeting in the capital. The Canadians always put on an amazing event, and this year saw a record crowd. A business meeting revealed much about the difference in the industry with our northern neighbor.
  • Full Speed Ahead by Wilkinson reports on the 22nd Annual Elevator U Educational Conference. This year, the university industry group visited the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, which is also the home of our historian, Gray, who spoke at the event. The program was strong, mixed with a little NASCAR racing and beer.

On the engineering side, we have Fulfilling the Potential of DD DCS by Dr. Janne Sorsa. This article explains the double-deck destination-control system (DD DCS) and supports an algorithm that solves the lunch-traffic challenge.

We have three Company Spotlights, all from very diverse companies. Small Company Is Big on Service by Irvin is about ADCO Elevator Drilling, known for innovative techniques for repair and replacement of borehole casings. TEI Celebrates 30 Years by Lee Freeland tells the story of the largest independent in NYC, which is involved in many modernization projects and focused on nonproprietary equipment. Finally, Outreach Enrichment by Victoria Pruitt (a new writer on our staff ) tells about MEI Total Elevator Solutions in Minnesota, which makes giving back to the community in dollars and personnel its mission. It often works side by side with the International Justice Mission.

Lastly, we have two new columns we hope will be regulars: John W. Koshak writes the first of a new series, Consultants’ Perspective. This one, Industry Standard for VT Maintenance, is based on the words in NEII-1 Part 7. The other new column is a type of Industry Dialogue, “10 Questions. . .” in which we will ask questions of someone interesting to the industry. We start with 10 Questions With Andrea J. Hunt by Matthew Jackson. Hunt is a consultant with 42 years in the industry. She believes women bring a much- needed perspective to business, politics and life. I couldn’t agree more.

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