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The original Canton Elevator facility in Canton, Ohio, opened in 1946.

This Company Spotlight describes Canton Elevator over its 73-year history.

Ohio-based Canton Elevator has undergone significant evolution in the seven decades since it opened its original plant in 1946. The company has expanded its facilities three times to accommodate a growing product line and to meet the needs of a constantly changing industry. And, although it is branching out, it remains committed to the hydraulic elevator industry.

Canton Elevator underwent its most recent expansion after coming under the Nidec Motor Corp. umbrella in late 2016. Nidec’s resources and capital assets allowed Canton to add staff, new manufacturing equipment and resources to analyze workflow and reconfigure the factory for better efficiency.

Canton Elevator has recently expanded its product line. Historically known for complete hydraulic elevator packages, Canton Elevator now offers machine-room-less (MRL) hydraulic elevators, traction elevators, including the “Freedom” elevator brand, as well as other stand-alone products, such as elevator cabs, power units and jacks. In addition, Canton Elevator has increased its involvement with architects in their upfront elevator mechanical and architectural designs.

The company has traditionally focused on flexibility, which enables it to provide a high level of customization in its hydraulic elevators. Canton Elevator has always provided open-market, non-proprietary elevators that can be installed, adjusted and maintained by any qualified elevator mechanic. To that end, customers have the right to choose any open-market controller, fixtures, operator and valve to suit their preferences.

Canton Elevator attributes each successful elevator project to dedicated partnerships with architects, consultants and contractors. These partnerships allow the company to deliver a product that is best suited for each application.

In addition to the commercial-type work it has been known for, Canton Elevator also works with rapid-transit authorities in various cities on specialized and complex projects. The company also is working on government projects at home and abroad, as well as at a growing number of universities, hospitals and medical buildings.

Canton Elevator strives to use the latest technology and designs to make its elevators safer and easier to install, while remaining competitive. Canton Elevator’s engineering, manufacturing and architectural design teams allow building owners to fashion elevators with a unique look and the functionality they need, whether moving a single passenger or a 60,000-lb. tractor-trailer.

Canton Elevator provides comprehensive elevator packages, project management and custom-designed solutions to a broad range of elevator-contracting companies, backed by a team of experienced industry professionals who strive to provide superior service.

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