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New Beacons for Hazardous Areas

Innovations abound, from drives to PPE.

New Beacons for Hazardous Areas

West London-based E2S Warning Signals has released the D1xB2 Xenon and LED explosion-proof beacons for hazardous areas. They are approved by UL/cUL for Class I Division 1, Class II Division 2, Class I Zone 1 and suitable for both gas and dust environments. They also include fault diagnostics and support Safety Integrity Level 2 requirements by enabling the control system to interrogate their operational status. The D1xB2 beacons feature a marine-grade LM6 aluminum enclosure and polycarbonate, ultraviolet-stable lenses in amber, blue, clear, green, magenta, red and yellow. While enhancing the light output, the lens filters are also field replaceable, facilitating simple and quick beacon function reassignment.


Enhanced VSD for DC Installations

ABB has released the DCS880, built on its drive platform the company calls “all-compatible.” The DC variable-speed drive (VSD) controls a variety of DC motor applications and is intended for users with a large installed base to get better performance from their existing systems. Those heavily invested in a DC system have the option to continue using DC technology, while better aligning with modern AC advancements. Built-in functions include safe torque off, which prevents unexpected startup of machinery; optional Bluetooth connectivity; and dedicated programs for a variety of applications, such as battery charging and magnets.

Built on ABB’s common drive platform, it shares the same control panel, features and tools as recent- and future-generation ABB drives. Its design is such that once users have learned one ABB all-compatible drive, they can easily use other all-compatible drives (both DC and AC). They can also be easily integrated with the ABB Ability™ monitoring services, a digital product that provides real-time data about drive status and performance from any location. Monitoring parameters include drive availability, environmental conditions and fault events.


PPE for Arc Flash, Flames

U.K.-based Wearwell has launched an arc-flash-protection and flame-resistant clothing range, Multi-Norm. Using what the company calls “advanced fabric technology,” its coveralls, jackets, trousers and base layers meet British and European safety standards. Each garment in the collection is manufactured under Article 11b legislation and is accredited and conforms to the latest IEC 61482 – Protective Clothing against Thermal Hazards of Electric Arc. The company added that it “spent 12 months fully immersed in this area of personal protective equipment (PPE) as we sought to understand how we can mitigate this hazard without compromising on comfort.” The result was workwear able to withstand temperatures of up to 12,000°C, explosive forces, emission of plasma, fast- moving debris and hot liquids.

The range includes a two-tone coverall, jacket and two sets of trousers, one two-tone the other single-color. In addition to the outerwear, a supporting range of arc and flame-resistant underwear, including a balaclava, trousers, long-sleeved T-shirt and socks, are also offered.


New Gearless Drive Line

Montanari Giulio & Co. has launched a new gearless line, the MGV34 range. Within it is a machine-room and a machine-room- less (MRL) drive in three versions, “M,” “ML” and “L.” Up to five diameters of pulleys can be chosen, from 240 to 520 mm. Produced in the company’s Modena, Italy, headquarters, the products have a capacity of 3000 kg, speed of 3 mps in 2:1 configuration and voltage of 360-210 (three-phase). Its maximum loudness reaches only 48 dB. It will replace the company’s previous MGV34-MGV30 range and increases its static load from 5500 to 6500 kg. Mayr brakes are used, and brake and remote-control levers are standard. The range may be used for both new installations and gearbox/gearless modernizations.


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