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The AVOX car operating panels are designed to work with the MEGA7 with a seven-segment parallel or CAN-bus serial connection.

This Product Spotlight highlights GENEMEK’s latest fixtures.

by Lee Freeland

Istanbul-based GENEMEK offers floor and cabin panels, push buttons, call buttons, LCD displays, floor indicators, controlled transition systems and plug-and-play systems, all intended for use in elevators. Citing a 22,000-m2 production facility, the company says one-fourth of its employees are in R&D. Founded in 1999, GENEMEK now exports to many countries around the world.

GENEMEK manufactures the AG-DSH/AG-DSV microcontroller-operated position indicator series for elevators that accepts binary and gray coded decimal numbers and converts them to seven-segment mapped position indications. It has an operating range of 9-30 VDC, and positive or negative input polarity can be adjusted without dipswitches or jumpers by swapping power inputs. Configuration of inputs and floor designations can be adjusted by onboard buttons. Electrical connections are made by screw/nut-type terminals, and the polycarbonate glass cover is designed to offer high impact resistance.

MEGA7 is designed as an all-in-one position indicator with a host of options. It is available with a 24-X-16 LED matrix, seven-segment LED or color thin-film-transistor display. Compatible with GENEMEK’s new AVOX and EPAK/FUSION car-operating panels, the compact module complies with EN 81-20, -28 and -70. Features include:

  • Integrated voice announcer
  • Dual speakers
  • Dual microphones
  • Parallel or serial connection
  • 40-mm arrow height
  • Thickness less than 10 mm
  • Custom identification plate with laser marking

UFO is a round surface-mounted multipurpose panel that can be used as a landing indicator, landing operating panel, direction indicator, emergency light or push-button housing for any purpose. Like the MEGA7, it is compliant with EN 81-70 and has a thickness less than 10 mm. It offers a “snap fit” with no visible bolts or screws.


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