More Than Just Batteries

INFOSAFE provides entrapped passengers with both audible and visual alerts.

Updated entrapment-prevention device has a host of advantages.

Brazil-based controller manufacturer Infolev has released a new, economical version of INFOSAFE, which is designed to prevent elevator entrapment. It is for the Latin American market and intended to help avoid the uneasiness of users who fear elevator entrapment if there is an interruption in power.

While there are still many precarious power networks around the world in places like Brazil, with buildings undergoing frequent power interruptions (especially during thunderstorms), passengers can become entrapped inside the elevator car and suffer panic attacks. However, in such a situation, this self-rescue system, optionally supplied with Infolev’s controllers, is powered by the INFOSAFE battery system to move the car to the nearest stop, open the doors and safely release the passengers within without human intervention.

The new INFOSAFE version has been optimized to operate with a minimum number of batteries, consequently reducing its price and maintenance. In addition, it avoids a major risk: rescue carried out by untrained personnel, which can cause life-threatening or fatal accidents. It also eliminates possible damage to the equipment when rescue is carried out by firefighters.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for maintenance personnel to arrive quickly to the rescue site. While firefighters may arrive earlier, some are not trained or specialized in elevator rescue operations. In an emergency, they can cause serious damage to the equipment while trying to help the passenger. Any doors and other parts they may break will have to be repaired, which proves costly for the owner and maintenance company.

To facilitate communication with the elevator user during the rescue operation, the position indicators display “RE” (rescue). INFOSAFE also informs the stuck passenger(s) inside the car about the rescue operations to reassure them. When the elevator stops because of power failure, the voice system announcer indicates, “Please wait, rescue in operation.” When the rescue operation is complete, the voice announcer indicates, “Thank you. Rescue successfully completed!”

INFOSAFE can be used with:

  • The INFOLEV GENIUS variable-voltage, variable-frequency (VVVF) controller or GENIUS Flash VVVF
  • A VVVF operator
  • A single–phase brake
  • A magnetic ramp (three-phase electric ramp not applicable)
  • Five- to 40-HP models


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