Large projects on the way for Shanghai, Kunming.

A rendering of OCT headquarters; courtesy of EID Architecture

KONE Wins 268-Unit Order for Shanghai Metro Line 15

KONE announced in July that it will deliver 268 escalators and elevators to Shanghai’s newest Metro Line 15, which, once completed in 2020, will form part of the world’s longest mass- transit rail system. KONE will equip 16 stations with 203 of its heavy-duty TransitMaster™ escalators and install 65 of its MonoSpace® elevators across all 30 stations. The project is being undertaken by Shanghai Rail Transit Line 15 Development Co., Ltd. Serving the western areas of the city, the line will be 42 km long and have 30 underground stations. It will accommodate about 1 million individual trips on a typical weekday and will have its terminal stations at Gucun Park in Baoshan District and Zizhu Hi-Tech Park in Minhang.

EID Architecture Reveals OCT Headquarters Design

EID Architecture revealed its design for Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises (OCT)’s second headquarters in Kunming, Arch Daily reports. The design scheme, which is one of three winning ideas, includes OCT headquarters, a 200-room hotel, an exhibition hall, a multifunctional theater, serviced apartments and a retail program. The headquarters will be located at the top of the 200-m-tall tower, while the hotel and apartments will be in the lower portion. The design features cascading podium terraces meant to resemble local rice paddies. The development will include two parks and three ribbon-like terraces.


The National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII) recently reported on the recommitment of the North American, European and Asia Pacific region elevator and escalator associations to achieve global technical barrier-free trade (GTBFT). The formal commitment (available at bit. ly/2XpCcf E) to a common line of actions to achieve GTBFT is to promote and improve safety and to facilitate technological innovation and the free movement of goods worldwide. NEII joined the European Lift Association, European Elevator Association, China Elevator Association, Pacific Asia Lift and Escalator Association, European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, European Platform and Stairlift Association, European Lift Components Association, National Elevator & Escalator Association, Associacao Elevadores do Mercosul and (for the first time) the National Lift Union of Russia under the “World Elevator Federation” banner.

NEII added:

“Worldwide acceptance of the International Organization for Standardization prescriptive standards is also part of the agreement that will lead to an efficient global approach for building transportation equipment that can be used by all manufacturers and installers.”

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