Introducing AlliancePRO and ToolBOX


AlliancePRO ofers independent elevator contractors tools for lead- generation, time management, network, visibility, growth and proft.

Online CRM platform developed by AES is designed to help independent elevator contractors grow and prosper.

submitted by Alliance Elevator Solutions

Alliance Elevator Solutions (AES), a joint venture of DL Martin Co. and Delaware Elevator, Inc. (ELEVATOR WORLD, December 2012), was founded to manufacture a pre-engineered two- to three-stop nonproprietary hydraulic elevator package that would allow independent contractors to compete with the majors for new construction jobs. Since 2012, AES has grown its lineup of nonproprietary equipment to includes limited-use/ limited-access (LULA), standard or non-standard hydraulic equipment, freight, overhead traction, gearless MRLs and the recently added full hydraulic MRL, complete with an in-pit power unit and in-wall controller.

Travis Hall, AES managing partner, has led a nearly two-year efort to develop AlliancePRO™, the frst business platform created for the independent elevator contractor. AlliancePRO and the bundled ToolBOX™ are designed to help independent elevator contractors manage and grow their businesses while boosting proft.

AlliancePRO is a membership-based, customer relationship management (CRM) system through which hundreds of independent elevator contractors connect via a software platform powerful enough to generate leads, ballpark material quotes, organize contacts and project documents, assign labor, and more through a smartphone or computer. AlliancePRO members can reach out to other users for problem-solving. This feature can, for example, fnd out how others deal with a problem or supplier.

AlliancePRO works as a business model promoting time management, networking, visibility, incentives for growth and sales/project management. It is designed to accomplish fve basic pillars for small elevator businesses:

  • Generation of qualifed  leads
  • Improved time management
  • Increased local, regional and national visibility
  • Incentivized growth
  • Proftability

The ToolBOX, a component of AlliancePRO, incorporates and provides fast, automated lead management, which can save hours of time and efort. The ToolBOX provides territory- protected leads, loads and organizes project details, provides project-related documents and enters key project team members. It also provides email templates that allow for emails to be sent and logged against the project name, and illustrates a projected cost of the project and labor hours to install. The ToolBOX is a project manager, project calendar, jobsite distance calculator and quote confgurator and compatible with any of the standard email platforms.

Hall said the typical stress of running an elevator contracting business was the motivating factor behind AlliancePRO, explaining:

“Many of the independent contractors who do business with AES are consumed with the day-to-day struggles of operating their businesses, often to the point that they forget to look up to see where they are headed. They’re like frefghters, extinguishing one fre just to be thrown into another unexpected ‘hot spot.’ They work long hours, struggling to balance work and family, manage their time and make the tough decisions that will keep them competitive. Over the past decade, I have heard many stories of missed opportunities, mismanaged projects and misfortune.”

AlliancePRO members become part of a network that makes it easy for architects to fnd them, regardless of whether they are locally, regionally or nationally based. The AES website has been rebuilt to facilitate this, placing a “Find a PRO” option on the homepage. Through AlliancePRO, AES is the only independent manufacturer that supports a national, nonproprietary, independent elevator network. It was designed to change the way the construction industry views independent elevator contractors.


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