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New Mitsubishi Electric Premium High-Rise Elevators

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. now offers its Diamond HS™ premium passenger elevators for high-rise buildings. Their permanent-magnet gearless traction machines are designed for high efficiency and power factor; their double-brake configuration is designed to be quiet; and a new technology, sfleX-rope™, is designed to reduce rope stretching. An optional active roller guide reduces vibrations and enhances ride quality. They use the Sigma AI-2200C or Sigma AI-22 group-control systems, which utilize artificial intelligence to optimally apportion passengers to cars according to factors such as waiting time, travel time, current car occupancy, energy consumption and building size.

They are also equipped with intelligent door systems to promote safety and reliable door operation. As sensors detect conditions including variations in door loads between floors, wind strength within elevator shafts and sediment in door tracks, the data is analyzed by a “Reduced Instruction Set Computer” so the elevator can adjust the speed at which doors open and close and modify torque to reduce the likelihood of a door-related failure. Precise control of AC motor speed and torque is provided by variable-voltage, variable-frequency inverters that enable the elevators to vary voltage and AC motor input frequency as required. Mitsubishi Electric’s

door-operator mechanism is structurally isolated from the elevator cab, minimizing noise and vibration transmission into the cab and further stabilizing door operation.

The optional “destination-oriented allocation system” can reduce average waiting times by up to 30% compared to conventional control systems, while eliminating the need for passengers to press a button within the car. Emergency features include standard earthquake and fire emergency operations, as well as emergency car lighting, automatic emergency-power- source operation, a remote supervisory panel and Mitsubishi Electric’s “advanced control system” MelEye.


Conveyance Monitoring and Notification System

American Testing and Inspection Services, LLC (ATIS) has launched ATIS Alert, an online system that notifies customers when it is time for their elevators, escalators and other conveyances to be inspected. Customers may log on to the system at any time. It ensures all conveyances within a structure remain compliant with jurisdictional laws. ATIS states it is the only inspection company in the U.S. that offers such a monitoring and notification system. ATIS Director of Field Operations Charlie Slater said ATIS Alert tracks all services the company provides, allowing it to better serve customers and bring them peace of mind.


Advanced Safety Gear

Wittur ESG is an electrically activated safety device focused on the low-rise segment. The paradigm change from mechanical to electrical activation enables the creation of a space-efficient device; coupled with an electronic positioning device and an uninterruptible power supply, the ESG realizes a failsafe emergency braking device with no mechanical overspeed governor, mechanical synchronization or tension weight. The company says this directly translates into a much cleaner shaft space that can accommodate bigger cars.

ESG is already available in selected markets in unidirectional or bidirectional execution for a maximum rated speed of 1.75 mps and a rated load between 225 and 1050 kg. It is compliant with EN 81-20 and has sufficient running clearance to be deployed in most elevator designs without requiring modifications or special guide rails. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate on the car sling. Upon request, Wittur can supply ESG with EN 81-21 certification and for inclusion in an integrated unintended car movement solution.

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