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DermaGlass’ thin profile allows it to be bent around columns or into decorative shapes. Here, (l-r) it is compared to conventional glass.

We’ll let you be the judge of whether other adjectives apply.

Digitalization Defense

According to international testing and certification service TÜV SÜD, the introduction of digitalization for lifts poses a challenge for lift and component manufacturers to ensure not only functional safety, but also information-technology (IT) security. Many modern lift systems now include embedded IT systems that collect data and support connectivity with the surrounding infrastructure and the lift manufacturer, or servicing and maintenance companies. Manufacturers are facing the challenge of having to ensure both the functional safety and IT security of their systems.

The company is a Notified Body under the European Union Lift Directive and provides type examinations of lift systems and all safety components. It also holds the accreditations and notifications necessary for providing testing and certification of lifts and their components for all relevant markets worldwide. Where performance of risk assessment and determination of Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) are necessary, for example, the EN 81 standard refers to the IEC 61508, a cross-industry standard governing the functional safety of safety-related systems. The specific requirements for the functional safety of lift systems are defined in EN 81-20 and EN 81-50. They include the use of Programmable Electronic Systems in Safety-Related Applications for Lifts.

The associated requirements for functional safety are, so far, defined in part 3 of IEC 61508. However, TÜV SÜD states IT security demands have not yet been covered by available standards. It believes the IEC 62443 standard series offers a good basis for assessing the IT security of industrial automation and control systems and developing effective measures for protecting these systems throughout their lifecycle. The company issued the first certificates according to IEC 62443 worldwide in 2016.


Safety Interlock Switch With Solenoid

IDEC Corp. of Sunnyvale, California, has released its HS1T interlock switch with solenoid. The improved interlock delivers 5,000 N of locking force and includes features to maximize protection in machine and equipment guarding. Designed to be compact and adaptable, it integrates a metal head into the locking and mounting functions to prevent the head breaking away from the mounting body. To maximize installation options, the remaining actuator portion can be rotated independently from the head with only one screw.

The product’s three independent rotary cams, instead of the conventional single cam, also play an important role. Two cams control the locking mechanism, and one drives the door monitor contact. The arrangement provides redundancy and additional strength. The HS1T meets the requirements of ISO 14119:203 for lock monitoring and is designed so the lock-monitoring contact can never indicate “closed” if the door is not positively closed. An optional, manual rear-side unlock button allows personnel to release the device if they are inside a guarded area and need to exit. A rear unlock mechanical indicator, which IDEC says is a first in the industry, allows the lock status to be identified from the front and the back.

The HS1T also carries an IP67 and Type 4X indoor-use-only rating. The solenoid consumes only 200 mA while actuated, which not only reduces electricity use by approximately 25%, but also allows the controls to activate the device directly without a relay.


Strong, Lightweight Decorative Glass

Decorative glass manufacturer Pulp Studio of Gardena, California, has added DermaGlass™ to its architectural glass lineup. Designed for high durability and light weight, it is strong enough for both interior and exterior applications. It achieves this, despite its 1.3-mm thickness, using an ion-exchange manufacturing process. “The fact that DermaGlass weighs so much less than traditional glass products makes it perfect for indoor applications like elevator cab panels that need both high strength and minimal weight,” Pulp Studio founder and CEO Bernard Lax added.

Available in sizes up to 58 X 118 in., DermaGlass can be used with Pintura back-painted coatings or laminated with graphic interlayers. It can also be produced with a honeycombed core for additional safety.


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