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A Zemic Model T-2 8-Channel weight transmitter

New and upgraded offerings include wiring, load pins, control system and light curtain.

Simplified, “Smart” Shaft Wiring

Weidmüller has introduced FieldPower® Elevator, an installation system for smart elevator- shaft wiring. FieldPower Elevator offers reduced installation time with a corresponding reduction in complexity and material requirements. This product gives the option of targeted interruption of safety circuits in a shaft wiring box. A continuous flat ribbon cable in the elevator shaft can be contacted at every floor using the compact box, transmitting energy, signals and data. It uses two basic components: the shaft wiring box and an 11-pole flat ribbon cable (available with nine copper conductors and two fillers or seven copper conductors and four fillers). The wiring box supports configuration, combination and preassembly of various functions such as feed-in, bus, safety circuit and shaft pit tapping.

FieldPower Elevator boxes are compliant with EN 81-20 for a permanently installed inspection control device in the shaft pit. When installed, they offer sufficient “wall clearance” for the required second ribbon cable, which can be routed under the boxes to position it correctly without additional installation effort or space requirements.


Customized Load Pins for Material Lifts

WEP-Weisshaupt GmbH, an Aachen, Germany-based engineering and manufacturing company that produces industrial material-handling and lifting equipment, worked with Zemic Europe, a Netherlands-based maker of sensors, load cells and other devices used to detect weights, to develop an overload detection system, the VSL. The system is designed to be integrated into material lifts with up to four columns on which a basket, a platform or an individual custom device rises. The columns are arranged in opposing pairs, on either the short or the long sides of the basket, allowing flexibility that comes from having no drive sections pass through the platform.

The VSL has a net load of up to 3000 kg and can be designed for lifts 3-12 m tall. The system works for platform lifts, fixture constructions and integration into production processes. Zemic load pins are force sensors that measure dynamic, static or hoisting forces. They can be custom ordered. The Top-Sensors weight transmitters offered by Zemic Europe are suitable to connect one, four or eight loadcells directly to a device. Weight transmitters convert the weight signal (in general 2 or 3 mV/V at full scale) into a 4-20mA output, 0-10V output or 0-5V output, or communicate by field busses like Profinet, Profibus, CANOpen, Devicenet or Ethernet. For the WEP-Weisshaupt application, the T2 Weight Transmitter 8-Channel features individual setpoints for each channel.


“Futureproof” Control System

Sweden-based lift safety company SafeLine has introduced the M-18, a unique control system with great similarities to SafeLine’s THOR NX-T open control system. Like that model, it features a touchscreen and two CAN bus interfaces adapted for CANopen Lift. Its adaptions are according to Swedish lift and door supplier Motum’s specifications to develop a futureproof and user-friendly open control system that meets high demands for flexibility and environmental thinking.

It was crucial that the system manage many special projects, even those with older lifts and hydraulic units. The environmental- friendliness factor was achieved using less steel than other control systems. SafeLine says the M-18 will also be ready to enable connected lifts as the industry shifts technology toward Internet of Things solutions.


Monitorable Light Curtain

Avire has added the Connected Panachrome+ to its line of intelligent light curtains. Lift maintenance companies can access information on the product’s status through the Avire Hub cloud-based monitoring platform. Real-time data, including number of door cycles completed, and number and location of timed-out diodes, can be monitored and reported back to the hub. A “door block” alert is also built into the light curtain. This can detect when an object preventing the lift doors from closing has been left between the doors. This sends a report back to the hub. This data can help to reduce the need for site visits.

Based on the Panachrome, which has been in the market 15 years, this light curtain offers advanced door and passenger protection. Door movement is highlighted with red and green LED indicators, showing whether the door is opening or closing, discouraging users from entering a lift when the doors are about to shut. With 3D and two-dimensional detection sensors available, Panachrome+ extends passenger protection into the landing zone, meaning it can identify when a user is approaching.


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