Changes at the Top for EW


Formerly executive vice president and chief operating officer of ELEVATOR WORLD, T. Bruce MacKinnon has been named president of the magazine and publishing company, Elevator World, Inc. He takes great pride in continuing the vision of his grandfather, Elevator World founder William C. Sturgeon, who saw ELEVATOR WORLD as the nucleus and main communicator for the industry, while providing it a worldwide marketing platform.

Changes at the Top for EW-MacKinnon

MacKinnon has spent most of his career in sales/ marketing and management and has won numerous sales awards and profit achievements. He earned an associate’s degree in International Business from AIU University.

MacKinnon joined Elevator World in 1998 as associate director. He has worked in all aspects of the business, while focusing primarily on the commercial and advertising operations. He has also served as advertising manager and vice president of Business Development.

Over the past 10 years, MacKinnon has expanded Elevator World through partnerships and new product launches. The company now reaches all corners of the globe through its magazines, including ELEVATOR WORLD, ELEVATOR WORLD India, ELEVATOR WORLD Turkey, ELEVATOR WORLD Middle East, ELEVATOR WORLD U.K., ELEVATOR WORLD Europe and ELEVATOR WORLD China, books and digital newsletters. He will continue to lead EW to new markets and take on more administrative responsibilities in his new role.

Changes at the Top for EW-Sturgeon-Hendrick

EW Editor and Publisher Ricia Sturgeon-Hendrick has changed her title to editor-at-large and publisher. She said that though she may be at EW’s home offices a little less often, she will continue most of her current duties. Sturgeon-Hendrick had been president of Elevator World for the past 25 years. Speaking to the EW staff, she explained, “It is so rewarding to be Now withBACKLITDISPLAY!able to continue a longtime family business. My father, who founded Elevator World 65 years ago, would be amazed and pleased to see his grandson take the reins.”

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